Apex Institute of Education is a private provider of Vocational Education and Training for international and domestic students in Australia.

In 2010 Apex opened it's first campus in Parramatta with the goal of providing our students with a rewarding educational experience that equips them with the skills and resources to meet the demands of the Australian employment market. With this in mind, Apex set up a second campus in the Sydney CBD and developed courses, facilities and services around the needs of our students and the demands of the employment market.

Apex offers a range of quality courses developed and taught by experienced and qualified trainers in a diverse and inclusive environment. Beyond providing accessible student support services, we strive to build a strong sense of community among our students, and continuously introduce new courses and develop our existing ones to offer our students new and improved academic career pathways. The quality of learning experiences gained by students is reflected in the positive feedback and performance shown by them in the workplace and universities ‍‍