On this page we have included information on student advice or counselling and related support services. The page also includes orientation information including AIE Student Handbook.

If you have any enquiries about accommodation assistance, visa applications, or our job assistance service please ask apex (below) or directly contact us at (02) 8007 6261.

As a student of Apex Institute of Education (AIE) we provide support services to help you to adjust to life and study at AIE and to give you the best opportunity to complete your course successfully.

This includes:
providing an age and culturally appropriate orientation program
▸ assisting you with course progress and providing access to services that enable you to complete your studies
▸ providing access to welfare-related support services and referrals to external agencies where appropriate
▸ having critical incident policy and procedures and staff to respond to incidents in a timely manner to support students
▸ having a designated staff member (currently the Student Services Officer) who will act as a point of contact for students to enable them to access support services available at AIE
▸ having sufficient support staff available to meet the needs of students
▸ ensuring that the staff members you may interact with, are fully aware of their obligations under the ESOS framework.




You can also seek support from AIE when:

  • You are feeling homesick or lonely
  • You cannot decide what to do and where to go
  • You are feeling stressed, anxious or depressed
  • You are being  harassed by others
  • You are having family or social problems
  • You are experiencing financial or work-related problems
  • You have health problems

Please note:

  • AIE assures its students that all these discussions will be kept confidential.
  • If needed we refer students to expert and professional services.
  • AIE provides its students with information on all external services and facilities that can be useful to them.
  • Our instructors will monitor student progress and provide counselling or support as appropriate, and escalate the issue to the relevant staff where required.

The AIE Student Handbook contain important information on our student policies, student support services (including accommodation and jobs assistance) and orientation information.

AIE Student Handbook

Accommodation and Jobs

Accommodation and Jobs Information specific to Sydney, Australia as well as links for independent research. 


The Student Services Officer is your first contact point for any support matters and you are encouraged to put your support request in writing using a Student Support Request / Identification Form.

The Student Services Officer will forward any support requests to relevant staff. Internal support services will be provided to you at no extra cost. You will be referred to external support agencies when appropriate.

You may wish to discuss issues relating to topics similar to those below with the student support services officer:
▸ Adjusting to life and culture in Australia
▸ Homesickness
▸ Accommodation
▸ Opening bank accounts and applying for TFNs
▸ Work-related issues
▸ Assistance with language problems
▸ Course progress and attendance requirements
▸ Personal matters such as religion, domestic violence, unplanned pregnancy, victim or witness of a crime etc.